A happy customer writes about Ladies Night at the Eagle Crest Nursery

“Once again, Eagle Crest Nursery has outdone themselves on Ladies Night for the Holidays. When you drive up to the premises, it is like arriving at Santa’s Workshop, with brilliant lights throughout the trees and buildings.

Where I was not looking forward to Christmas, I was enraptured into the realm of the holiday spirit and became excited. After taking in the colorful lighting that abounded through the premises, I was once again inspired by the delightful decorations that were snuggled in every corner of the store. Gifts you could never have dreamed of, stimulating the imagination of those you love who would delight in such a precious gift.

We are all blessed with so much that it is sometimes a challenge to know what to give a special someone. Eagle Crest provided a world of wonder that made it easy to find unique and special gifts for everyone. I thank you Eagle Crest, for providing a wonderful place to shop and explore that is outside the strip mall experience.”

  – Melinda Fouts, via The Aspen Times