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Located in the heart of the Roaring Fork Valley in the mountains of Colorado, Eagle Crest Nursery is easily within reach of the communities of Aspen, Basalt, El Jebel, Carbondale and Glenwood Springs.

Where is Eagle Crest Nursery? Check our google map location on the home page. We are in El Jebel, CO next to El Jebowl.

Do you ship plants? Eagle Crest Nursery is a full service garden center in the Roaring Fork Valley (between Glenwood Springs and Aspen, CO). We do not ship plants except for local deliveries.

What are your store hours? Although we are open year round, our store hours vary with the seasons. Check our home page for current hours.

Do you carry pond products? Yes we do. From pond liner, pumps, filters, water test kits & water conditioners to fish, fish food and aquatic plants. Eagle Crest Nursery has everything for the garden pond.

Do you make local deliveries? Yes, we deliver from Rifle and Vail to Glenwood Springs, Carbondale, Basalt & Aspen. Ask for rates to your location.

I’m having trouble with my plant, is there anyone there who can help figure out what to do? Yes, Eagle Crest employs 9 CCNP’s (Colorado Certified Nursery Professionals) just itching to help with what is bugging you. Bring in your problem samples (in a sealed baggie please).

How long has Eagle Crest Nursery been in business? George Robinson is enjoying his 20th year owning Eagle Crest Nursery.

Will your plants grow well in the mountains? We are committed to providing plants that will survive well in our unique mountain environment. All the varieties we carry have proven to be successful in our valley. Bear in mind that some of our plants grow well in Glenwood Springs but may not do as well in Snowmass Village (or vice versa). Our plant signs generally list the hardiness elevation of each variety. When in doubt, ask our knowledgeable staff.

Do you carry unique plants? Of course we have all the usual geraniums and petunias, spruce trees and lilacs. But we’re dying to show you all the new fun stuff we’ve been finding for you. With 300+ varieties of perennials, our amazing specialty evergreen selection, and trees ranging in size from small pots to 18′ spruce, you’re sure to find a treasure.

Does Eagle Crest Nursery carry organic products? Boy, do we. From organic seeds and vegetable plants to natural and organic potting soils, soil amendments, fertilizers and pest controls.

Do you have a senior discount? If you are 62 or older, Tuesday is your day. Come in Tuesdays and enjoy a 15% discount on anything in the store. You know you don’t look your age so let the cashier know when you check out.

How about discounts for the rest of us? Be sure to pick up a customer appreciation punch card (Frequent Flower Card). It’s our way of rewarding your continued patronage. On each visit to the nursery with a $10.00 plus purchase we’ll punch your card and on your 10th visit you will receive a 25% discount (on up to a $1,000.00 purchase).

Will Eagle Crest take back plastic pots for recycling?  We can take your #1 and larger pots. Consult your community recycling centers for packs and other plastics.

Does Eagle Crest Warranty plants? Our #1 priority is for you to succeed with our plants. We warranty them to be healthy and disease free when they leave our nursery. Since we can’t control watering and maintenance once they leave, we can’t guarantee their survival if they are not properly cared for. Our arid mountain environment requires special care for many plants, we are happy to assist with any questions regarding plant care you may have. Be sure to pick up and review our planting guide when purchasing plants.

Is Eagle Crest Nursery retail or wholesale? Eagle Crest is a retail garden center serving the public. However, if you are a professional landscape contractor, contact us about our special volume discount and field direct truckload programs.